(Under Development)
BehaviorSearch v2.0 will include support for multi-objective optimization!

August 2017:
BehaviorSearch v1.10 is bundled with NetLogo 6.0.2
(Updated UI, thanks to An Nguyen Dang!)

March 2017:
BehaviorSearch v1.02 is now BUNDLED with NetLogo 6 (no separate download or install needed!)
Release Notes

July 28, 2015:
Released v1.01

Jan 12, 2013:
Released v1.00

Dec 31, 2012:
v0.76 (beta)

Dec 22, 2012:
v0.75 (beta)

Oct 16, 2010:
Project Hosted on Google Code

July 5, 2010:
v0.72 (beta)

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What is BehaviorSearch?

BehaviorSearch is a software tool to help with automating the exploration of agent-based models (ABMs), by using genetic algorithms and other heuristic techniques to search the parameter-space.

BehaviorSearch interfaces with the popular NetLogo ABM development platform, to provide a low-threshold way to search for combinations of model parameter settings that will result in a specified target behavior.

Model exploration in four steps:

  1. Design a quantitative measure for the behavior you're interested in.
  2. Choose parameters to vary and what ranges are allowed.
  3. Choose a search algorithm and run it.
  4. Examine the results (what parameters most affect this behavior?)

Note: The design of BehaviorSearch was particularly inspired by John H. Miller's seminal work on Active Nonlinear Testing.