(Under Development)
BehaviorSearch v2.0 will include support for multi-objective optimization!

August 2017:
BehaviorSearch v1.10 is bundled with NetLogo 6.0.2
(Updated UI, thanks to An Nguyen Dang!)

March 2017:
BehaviorSearch v1.02 is now BUNDLED with NetLogo 6 (no separate download or install needed!)
Release Notes

July 28, 2015:
Released v1.01

Jan 12, 2013:
Released v1.00

Dec 31, 2012:
v0.76 (beta)

Dec 22, 2012:
v0.75 (beta)

Oct 16, 2010:
Project Hosted on Google Code

July 5, 2010:
v0.72 (beta)

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About BehaviorSearch

Copyright © 2010-2018 by Forrest Stonedahl and Uri Wilensky.

To cite BehaviorSearch in academic work, please use:

Stonedahl, F., & Wilensky, U. (2010). BehaviorSearch [computer software]. Center for Connected Learning and Computer Based Modeling, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. Available online: http://www.

BehaviorSearch is being distributed under an open-source BSD-style license, available here.

The design and implementation of BehaviorSearch was one aspect of Forrest Stonedahl's doctoral thesis research, with adviser Uri Wilensky, at the Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling at Northwestern University.

Software Development:

The BehaviorSearch software development team primarily consists of Forrest Stonedahl, with some contributions from students, such as An Nguyen Dang and Maegan Patterson. However, BehaviorSearch is open source, and you are encouraged to submit patches, add new functionality, or more generally join in the on-going development process. BehaviorSearch is currently hosted on GitHub -- if you'd like to contribute, please contact us!)

Further acknowledgements: