(Under Development)
BehaviorSearch v2.0 will include support for multi-objective optimization!

August 2017:
BehaviorSearch v1.10 is bundled with NetLogo 6.0.2
(Updated UI, thanks to An Nguyen Dang!)

March 2017:
BehaviorSearch v1.02 is now BUNDLED with NetLogo 6 (no separate download or install needed!)
Release Notes

July 28, 2015:
Released v1.01

Jan 12, 2013:
Released v1.00

Dec 31, 2012:
v0.76 (beta)

Dec 22, 2012:
v0.75 (beta)

Oct 16, 2010:
Project Hosted on Google Code

July 5, 2010:
v0.72 (beta)

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Research Papers

Primary references:

The BehaviorSearch software has been introduced and/or discussed in the following academic papers. While the operation of the BehaviorSearch software is not discussed in great detail, these papers may still be useful in providing examples of some of the things that can be done with it. Additionally, they place this software in the context of extending ABM methodology.

Outside references using BehaviorSearch:

In the future, as BehaviorSearch becomes adopted by ABM practitioners, we would like to include a list of papers or research projects that used BehaviorSearch. Thus, if you found BehaviorSearch useful, we would love to hear from you and/or add your work to this list. Contact us!

Other relevant or inspirational references: